Set images for Solidworks addin menu items

26 Oct

The default images of Solidworks addin menu are 8-bit color images, which looks ugly.

In order to show more beautiful images for the menu item, however, we can use 32 bit color images with alpha values, and add the image to Visual by “Add Existing Item”:


The imported 32bit image looks like follows:

Old & New images: Old_ToolbarSmall.bmp MenuImageSmall_32bit.bmp

Substitute the images with the newly generated high quality image and rebuild the solution, now it looks much better.

32bitMenuImages.png 32bitMenuImages_2.png

Remember to replace the big images else the old ugly image will show up in case large-image toolbars are used. Old & New images:

8bitMenuImages_large.png 32bitMenuImages_large.png

Note that the small and big images may not be fully identical. In our case, the “about” icons are different.

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Posted by on October 26, 2008 in CAD, Dotnet/C#


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