SolidWorks Dev: Programmatically get the active PropertyManagerPage2 instance (II)

19 Nov

A further look into the Solidworks GUI with Spy ++ will provide the following hints:

  1. If there is no documents opened or created, there will be no property page available;
  2. One a document is opened, by default, two “Dve sheet” pages exist.
    The one marked “A” is very strange, there is no corresponding visible windows detected, and the grey icon in spy++ indicates that it is always invisible. While the one marked “B” in the figure below is the genuine GUI window that we are interested in.
  3. Hack_SW_PropertyPage3.png
  4. If multiple documents are opened/created, for instance, another assembly is created and a property page is activated, you will find more “Dve sheet” pages, as shown below:
  5. Hack_SW_PropertyPage4.png
  6. One can conclude that the active property page is a window that has caption “Dve sheet”, and also it does not have a child button “Properties”.

Tip While using Spy++, in many instances you can click the right mouse button to display a pop-up menu of frequently used commands. For example, if you click while pointing at an entry in the window view and the selected window is visible, the pop-up Highlight menu item will cause the border of the selected window to flash so that the window can be easily located on the screen.

To be continued …

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Posted by on November 19, 2008 in CAD, Dotnet/C#


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