Experiment with WordNet.Net (III)

10 Feb

To get the stem of a word, use the following code snippet:


The following call

List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“Added”, PartsOfSpeech.Verb); //Add
List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“Adding”, PartsOfSpeech.Verb); //Add
List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“Adds”, PartsOfSpeech.Verb); //Add
List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“Add”, PartsOfSpeech.Verb); //null

List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“Adds”, PartsOfSpeech.Noun); //Add
List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“Add”, PartsOfSpeech.Noun); //null
List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“Children”, PartsOfSpeech.Noun); //Child
List<string> Results = NLPHelper.GetWordStem(“formulae”, PartsOfSpeech.Noun); //formular

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