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27 May



Numerical Optimization Techniques for Engineering Design: With Applications, Mcgraw Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering, Garret N. Vanderplaats,  1984

ISBN-13: 978-0070669642

The concept of steepest descent, Quasi-Newton, Newton methods are especially well explained in Ch. 3, and the Sequential unconstrained minimization in Ch.5.

Engineering Optimization: Theory and Practice, Singiresu S. Rao, 4th Edition, 2009, Wiley

ISBN: 978-0-470-18352-6

Good at both theoretical presentation and practical implementation details.

Highly recommend.


Finite Element Analysis

MATLAB Codes for Finite Element Analysis

MATLAB Codes for Finite Element Analysis: Solids and Structures

A. J. M. Ferreira, Springer, 2009

ISBN: 978-1-4020-9199-5

Very good as a starting book to program in FEA field.


Finite Element Analysis Theory and Application with ANSYS (3rd Edition), Saeed Moaveni, Prentice Hall, 2008.

ISBN:  9780131890800

Good presentation on FEA, especially suitable for beginners.

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