Webpage maker: trouble shooting aboslute paths

20 Sep

Webpage maker is an excellent personal webpage editing tool, and it has been evolving towards end user’s expectations since its very first introduction. However, one of the serious pitfalls is that all the project files are maintained in abosolute folders/paths/directories. This makes it difficult to migrate existing project files, if your OS system is reinstalled or you would like to edit the project at workspace and at home simutaneously. So far there seems to be no sign that the developer of Webpage maker is going to tackle this.

I have to do it by myself, and below is a viable solution, although not perfect.

  1. Open the project file, *.wss, and you will see a lot of resource files (e.g. images) are rendered with a red cross.


  2. The *.wss file is essentially a binary file, open it with VisualStudio


  3. Use “find and replace” tool of VisualStudio to replace the errornous file paths with new valid ones
  4. Now reopen the *.wss file, it works now!


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Posted by on September 20, 2010 in General


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