Dialogue with Nobel Laureate: Professor Daniel Tsui

20 Dec

Posters here.

Questions: I am a first year graudate student in HKU, I feel it is very time consuming to learn many technical details, and at the same time, time is limited, and the supervisors have certain expectations, and I want to know how do you keep efficient, and how do you manage your time to achieve this?

Professor Tui: You should know you are different from other people on the street and you are different from them, and therefore people may have different expectations on you. To achieve this, you need dilligence. (The orginal answer is in Catoness: 勤力。)

When talking about the difference of undergraduate studies and graduate research, Prof. Tsui used a vivid analogy: undergraduate study is just like tourism, you will visit those site views that have been well known; while the graduate research is “EXPLORATION”, you will explore the sites that have never been visited, find the ways to the target, no one can tell you which direction is right or not. Wonderful saying!

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