ofEnableAlphaBlending()/ofSetVerticalSync(true) results in program crashing: access violation and troubleshooting

17 Dec

In a recent project using openFramework, the program crashes on startup. Debugging into the program shows that the program halts when the functions ofEnableAlphaBlending() or ofSetVerticalSync(true); is called. A Google searching shows that this is most probably due to the fact that OpenGL driver of the display adapter is too low, e.g. OpenGL 1.1 is used, whereas OpenGL 1.3 or above is expected to make the program run smoothly.

To trouble shoot this, update the display driver to support OpenGL 1.3 or above:

Method I: In Windows update, update to latest driver


Method II: Desktop ==>Right click ==> Personalize ==> Display ==> Change Display settings ==> Advanced ==> Adapter Properties ==> Driver Tab ==> Update Driver







Now re-run the same program, it works perfect!

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Posted by on December 17, 2011 in openFrameworks


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