Git: rename a branch locally and remotely

11 Jul

git checkout master
git push origin HEAD:newBranchName (1) Create a new branch remotely
git branch newBranchName (2) Create a new branch locally
git checkout newBranchName (3) Checkout the new branch
git pull origin oldBranchName (4) Remote old ==> Local new branch
git push origin newBranchName (5) Local new branch ==> Remote new
git branch – – set-upstream newBranchName origin/newBranchName (6) set up local branch to track remote branch
git branch –d oldBranchName (7) delete local old branch
git push origin : oldBranchName (8) delete remote old branch

Note I: the local branch can be renamed by:

git branch -m oldBranchName newBranchName

Note II: step (1), (2) and (6) can be combined into a single command:

git branch newBranchName origin/newBranchName
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