Emulating Android App for Nexus 10 devices

02 Sep

I had been developing an Android App recently. The app runs perfectly in my real device, Nexus4, Nexus 7 Android Virtual Devices (AVD), but to my surprise, the screen is blank (or black) when it was run on Nexus 10 virtual device !!! I tried different solutions:

  • Increase the graphics DPI;
  • Turned on “Use Host GPU” in AVD setting;
  • Tried on Ubuntu Eclipse, Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8 Virtual machines

But none of them worked.

I then found in StackOverflow that some contends to use AndroVM, which is now named Genymobile. It turns out that this amazing tool saved my day, and here is the detailed process:

  • Register an account here. This is important, and when you run this AndroVM, you need this account info. It is free, at least at this moment!
  • After login, click the download button to download the application.
  • This virtual machine relies on Oracle’s VirtualBox , but if you have installed VirtualBox before that, the installer is smart enough to skip reinstalltion of that.
  • Run Genymotion application installed by clicking the shortcut created on the desktop.
  • Click the “Add” button to add a new Android virtual device. A dialog box will pop up, asking you to login:

    image image

  • Login by clicking the “Connect” button! On the top of this window, there lists the virtual devices you have created (either manually or downloaded from Genymobile. At the bottom list box are a list of off-the-shelf android virtual devices (virtual machines) that are directly ready for use.


  • Select one of the virtual devices and the click the “Add” button, and the selected virtual devices are then downloaded to your machine.

    image image

  • On download completion, rename the virtual devices as “Nexus 10-2560×1600”

    image image

  • Right click the newly created nexus 10 device, and click the menu “Device settings”, change the screen size to 2560×1600, as shown below.

    image image

  • Click “OK” button;
  • Start the Nexus 10 devices by clicking the “play” button. Now a virtual device is fired!

    image imageimage image

  • Install the Eclipse plugin:
    • Start Eclipse
    • Go to Menu “Help > Install New Software …”; Click the “Add …” button.
      image image
    • Add the location “” in below dialog box, click Next > Next to follow the steps and download the eclipse plugin.
  • Now, run your android project, and you will see the newly created virtual device is there:


  • Now you can emulate your app for Nexus 10! You might be amazed at how fast this runs! Similar to the physical device!



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2 responses to “Emulating Android App for Nexus 10 devices

  1. vishnu

    July 18, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    Thanks…..i have no words to say….you saved me from a big trouble…Thank u very much…


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