Vuforia: cannot detect image target and view 3D object in Unity

28 Aug

Using Vuforia’s Unity package it is easy to develop an AR based application. The full tutorials can be found in Vuforia’s web page: Getting Started with the Unity Extension. Here is the outline:

  • Download vuforia-unity-android-ios-xx-yy-zz.unitypackage here, or directly download this file here.
  • Drag this unitypackage file to Unity3d, this will import the entire package. Click import button in the  popup dialog.

  • image  imageimage image

    • Add a few image targets using TargetManager. To do so, go to here and click “Add Target” button, upload a few images as the target to detect/recognize.
    • Export the targets uploaded, and you will be prompted a file name to download, let’s say test.uniypackage.


    • Drag the test.uniypackage to Unity, import.
    • Remove the default “Main Camera”;
    • Drag an ARCamera from prefab;
    • Drag an ImageTarget from prefab;

    image image

    • Select the ImageTarget game object, and in the inspector, set the data set and images to detect. Here the data set name is “test”, which we just downloaded from web.


    • Add a 3D game object, e.g. a sphere, attach it as a child game object of the ImageTarget game object

    image image

    Now if you run the app in Unity, you will see a live web cam view, but when you target your camera to the preset image targets, you will NOT see the cube or the sphere!

    The solution is very simple: you have to turn on some settings:

    • Select the ARCamera game object
    • Check below two check boxes:


    • Re-run the app, now you should see the cube or the sphere when you move your web cam to view the target images:

    image image

    Happy coding!

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    One response to “Vuforia: cannot detect image target and view 3D object in Unity

    1. Anupama Nayak

      May 23, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      I tried following the instructions on the Vuforia website and your site as well . However, I am unable to add the webcam,since it says that I need to edit the profiles. Can you please help me with that. Also, there’s one error which says that the VuforiaWrapper needs to reinstalled,how can one do it in the midst of a project….
      Vuforia help isn’t really giving a solution…

      I’ll be glad if you help me out…



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