QCAR Vuforia: The library could not be loaded

02 Sep

If you are building Augmented Reality applications for Android apps, Vuforia or QCAR might be one of the very useful library. However, you might also encounter the below warnings in logcat window, as shown below

The library could not be loaded


There are several workarounds to troubleshoot this:

Approach I: In your project, there will be a file called “CopyVuforiaFiles.xml”, and there is a child element <fileset> where you should specify the right path to the, change this path to the right directory where this file resides, that is it!



Approach II: recommended.

Go to the /vuforia/samples/libs/ folder where resides.
Copy the “libs” sub-folder to your project folder.

Copy this “libs” sub-folder from samples folder of Vuforia

Paste that to your project folder.

Then in Eclipse, Package Explorer, you will find below hierarchies:


Rebuild your project, you will no longer see the warning “The library could not be loaded”, everything should be OK!

Happy coding!

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