Maya: License was not obtained, the solutions

10 Nov

For some reasons, e.g. the computer suddenly powered off during maya activation, or you killed maya in brute force during the activation, you are likely to encounter this error: “License was not obtained ….”


No matter you uninstall, reinstall any times, the same problem persists. One of, though not 100% working solution for most cases, is to delete the corrupted licensing data out of your computer. Here is how:

  • Open your file explorer, make sure all files including hidden files are shown
  • Go to the program data folder, in windows 8 and window 8.1, this should be “c:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\” folder.
  • If you don’t know where this folder is, search “*” in your file explorer
  • Delete all files in this folder (Oh, yes, backup them first for safe, but usually this is unnecessary). No fear, delete all files therein
  • Restart maya, you will see the activation dialog again!



Happy modeling, designing and xxx-ing!

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One response to “Maya: License was not obtained, the solutions

  1. Sifu

    April 25, 2018 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks man it help a lot


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