Using MySQL with C# (I): MySQL Installation

13 Jul

MySQL is a free database and can be easily used in your .Net Applications. This quick-start goes through the typical process that involves installation, up and running your “Hello MySQL” application.

If you are not interested in the MySQL installation, skip this and go directly to the below topics:

Using MySQL with C# (II): Creating a DB for programming
Using MySQL with C# (III): Coding in C#

  • Download MySQL server here or if you already had an oracle account, go directly here.
  • Accept the license, and select the product/platform to download, click “Go”
  • Download the installer

image  image

  • Unzip and run the installer, follow the instructions.
  • Select the options, in my case, I choose “Full”

image image

  • Wait until all setup is finished

image image

  • Config MySQL:

image image

image image

image image

Now Setup finished.

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