Unity3D: using ReorderableList in Custom Editor

21 Jul

ReorderableList is not a widely used class in Unity3D, but good use of it can make your custom editor more professional.


This article walks through the typical use of ReorderableList.

  • Create a class, let’s call it Country:


  • Create a MonoBehaviour class, define a list of Countries in it


  • Now create a custom Editor


    • Declare a ReorderableList instance (1)
    • Associate this instance with the List<Country> SupportedLanguageList instance in previous MonoBehaviour class
    • Call the DoLayoutList() function in OnInspectorGUI() function

  • Now your UI should look like this:


Now we can do several enhancement upon this default UI:

Add below code in OnEnable function of your custom Editor to fine tune the appearance:


Now your UI should look like this:


Now Let’s change the header of this control:


Now your UI should look like this:


And you have definite unlimited degree to customize this sortable, draggable list!

  • It should be note that in your model class (e.g. Country in this case), you must define the exposed field as public field, not a property! Otherwise, when calling

var name = element.FindPropertyRelative(“Name”);

you will get null!

  • It should also be note that you should include the namespace:

using UnityEditorInternal;

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