Using RabbitMQ in C# (I) Installation of RabbitMQ

13 Aug

image image


  • Select the server software on the desired platform and download the setup package. In this example, I will use windows installer.
  • Run the windows installer, and you will be prompted to install Erlang, follow the links and download install Erlang:


image image


Re-run the RabbitMQ server installer,


Start the service:


Run the RabbitMQ Command, show on the top in the above snapshot, enable the management plugin included in the RabbitMQ distribution. To enable it, use rabbitmq-plugins, by typing below command line:

rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management

In your browser, type http://localhost:15672/ to access the web admin. Yeah! You are now ready to config RabbitMQ!

Let’s add an exchange, name it “Demo”.

image image

Let’s add a queue, name it “example”.

Coming back to Demo exchange, bind the queue to the exchange, if the routing key is “example”:


Click Bind! Now everything is ready for coding!


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