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Reverse Engineering of Android Apps

It is not uncommon that you find an amazing Android app on Google Play store and wish to know how the app is designed and developed.

You need then reverse engineer the Android app (from an APK file) and convert it to a project that you can understand and edit.

I found below three tools especially useful for such purposes.

The 1st one is APKTool. You can use it to “decode” the Android resources easily.

apktool d your.apk








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Windows Live Essential offline installer

You can directly download the Windows Live Essential Offline Downloader from this official link!
Blog or bookmark this and happy installing!

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Windows 10: Genymotion virtualization engine not found

If you encounter the same situation like me, this post is just for you:

We installed Genymotion in Window 7, 8 or Window 8.1, it worked well. But after upgrading the OS, it stopped working and complained:

“genymotion virtualization engine not found”


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Reliable Delivery Pub/Sub Message Queues with Redis

Remember to Breathe


Redis is a high performance key-value datastore that differs from other key-value solutions in the way it handles values. Instead of just storing values as simple strings, it recognizes multiple specific data types such as Lists, Sets, Hashes (maps), Strings or Numbers. Each data type has its own set of features to manipulate the data it contains in an atomic manner, making it an ideal tool for highly distributed system where concurrency is a potential issue.

Combining those features in creative ways allows for novel ways of doing “traditional” things differently. One particular combination has recently allowed us to implement a moderately (read: good enough) reliable message delivery mechanism for multiple consumers consuming messages at their own pace.

The solution has advantages and some caveats, but if your problem allows you to live with the possible drawbacks, it’s a nice lightweight solution to a problem that is usually answered some…

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Install Vmware tools disabled

In Vmware, if you find the “VM > Install Vmware Tools … ” menu disabled, you can easily enabled it by:

  • Right click a VM, and click Settings
  • Selecting Floppy in the left column
  • In the right column, Select Use physical drive option
  • Select Auto detect option
  • Restart. That is it!


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Windows cannot read product key from unattend answer file

When trying the latest Windows 10 ISO on Vmware, the below annoying error pops again and again:

Windows cannot read <productkey> from unattend answer file

To solve this, in Vmware settings, right click the VM, and disable/uncheck the floppy disk “Connect at power on” option.


Restart, that is it!

image image

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Mac OS X: Maximise window without full screen

It is a particularly useful feature to maximize the window in Mac OS X, but not to make the window full screen.

To do this, simply click the green maximize button, but at the same time press the alt or the option key, that is it!

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