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MFC:Using Numerical Recipe in C++

I was forced to come back to MFC, as the company I am now serving still uses 2002.

The happy days using C# are gone,… tears…

Below is my trial to use code from Numerical Recipe in C++, 3rd ed, in a MFC dialog application:

1. Include “nr3.h” where all the data structures and function interfaces are defined.


2. You need also to include specific module in which you are interested in. In this example, I am trying to use LU decomposition based methods to solve linear equation.

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Shell extension and ATL development

  1. An absolutely must-read paper is here.
  2. To install the ATL dll to the target machine: Regsvr32 /s Your.dll
  3. To get the shell extension to work in x64 mode, use VS2005 or VS2008 ATL wizard, as VC6 does not support to change the x86 or x64 platforms;
  4. In VS2008 wizard, some interface’s signigures are different from that in VC6 enviromment, for instance, in VC6, for the IContextMenu inteface , the function to be implemented is:
    and in ATL 9.0, however it is:
  5. To generate the DLL for x64 machines, in VS2008, go to Project->Properties (or Alt+F7), then Configuration Properties-> Linker -> Advanced, on the right side, go to “Target Machine”, change this to “MachineX64 (/MACHINE:X64) and Rebuild.
  6. The transparency of the icon in the shortcut menu can be found here.
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VisualStudio 6.0 failed to add files to project /open files

Try the solutions here:

or google “FileTool.exe +Visual Studio”

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Posted by on August 14, 2008 in MFC, Programming