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Get started with AIML C# programming (II): Give your robot a cute name

In the last blog, I have demonstrated how to say hello to AIML based robot. It is cool, but when you ask the robot

You: “What is your name?”
The Robot: I am Unknown.

Weird, but how do we name our robot and make it aware that he has his own name? Simple! Go the bin\config folder, you will see there is a file called Settings.xml (the file together with aiml and config folder can be downloaded here)


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Rhino C# Development (III) : Add Winform UI to Rhino

Rhino C# Development (I) : Get Visual Studio Wizard ready
Rhino C# Development (II) : HelloRhino

Now that we are able to talk with Rhino, let’s add our own UI to Rhino. In Rhino 5 with RhinoCommon SDK and Rhino_DotNet, you can easily add .net Winform User Control to Rhino.


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