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Flutter: Could not install build/ios/iphoneos/

Flutter:  Could not install build/ios/iphoneos/

When running flutter apps on the device, sometimes you may encounter the captioned error message as following (either from Android Studio, Intelligidea or CLI):

Could not install build/ios/iphoneos/

To resolve this, try below measures, preferably sequentially in terminal:

cd "$(xcrun --sdk iphoneos -- show-sdk-platform-path)/DeviceSupport"
sudo ln -s 10.3.1\ \(14E8301\) 10.3

After running these commands, it should work fine, and if not, try run this command below in terminal:

flutter clean

Re-run the app, now it works like a charm.

Happy coding!

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Posted by on February 12, 2019 in Mobile, Programming


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Unity Apps run well in desktop, but fails on devices

I recently worked with several development groups and found that some junior programmers frequently complain as follows:

The app works well on desktop (unity editor’s game and scene view), but it crashes or fails to function when the app is deployed on Android or iPhone devices 


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Posted by on November 19, 2014 in Programming, Unity 3d


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