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How to install pip for python in Windows

pip install might be the most frequently used module in python. However, in the past it is not easy to install that in windows, see my previous post. Now in the latest update, it is very trivial to get this done.

  • If you have installed Python 3.4, the pip is already installed, no need to do anything!
  • If you are still using Python 2.x, the simplest way is to download, and run this command


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Install python setuptools (easy install) on windows

It is very easy but you need to have a look at the documentation. Below are the quick steps to install “setuptools” for python.

  • Download this and save it to hardisk.
  • Open a cmd window, and type “”
  • Add “C:\Python27\Scripts” to enthronement “Path” variable



That is it. Enjoy.

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