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Step-by-Step guide for developing Android Plugin for Unity3D (II)

In previous blog, I have covered how to handshake Native Android code with Unity3D. The example shown therein is pretty simple: how to call a java function in C#!

In this blog, I am trying to step one more stride further: to create and use an Android View in Unity3D. The example shown here is an Android ImageView, however, this approach is generally applicable to all kinds of Android Views, ViewGroups and custom views.

imageAn Android ImageView

imageUse Android ImageView in Unity3D

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Embedding web browsers in Winform applications

Winform ships with a built-in WebBrowser control where you can use it to embed a web browser in a Winform Application. It is relatively trivial to implement it:

  • In Visual Studio Toolbox, Search “Web Browser”, and you will find the WebBrowser control


  • Drag it to the winform designer
  • In Form Load event handler, add below code:


  • Now if you run the application, a browser is embedded into your winform application:



There are several problems using this approach:

  • This browser control is based on IE browser, which has many limitations that IE has. 
  • It is not easy to implement the zoom-fit or Zoom-content features to make sure the web page is all visible in this embedded browser

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Apache Felix: HelloAndroid

Apache Felix is a cool OSGi implementation, and has been widely used in Java applications. To use Felix in Android applications, embedding Felix into Android can help you harness the component based development with ease.

Here is how to achieve this.

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