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Windows cannot read product key from unattend answer file

When trying the latest Windows 10 ISO on Vmware, the below annoying error pops again and again:

Windows cannot read <productkey> from unattend answer file

To solve this, in Vmware settings, right click the VM, and disable/uncheck the floppy disk “Connect at power on” option.


Restart, that is it!

image image

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Ubuntu: cannot apply the stored configuration for monitors

If you are running Ubuntu 13.04 or 14.04, some times after system startup, you will find an error message:

ubuntu cannot apply the stored configuration for monitors


To get rid of this, simply remove .config/monitors.xml.

Open a terminal and run below commands:

cd .config/
rm monitors.xml

Reboot and everything should work fine.

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Gradle: SDK location not found, the problem and solution

In a recent project, I created a Gradle project in windows, but when I load the project in Ubuntu and Mac OSX, an error “SDK location not found. Define location with sdk.dir in the file or with an ANDROID_HOME environment variable”


I then followed the instruction, and in the ~/.bashrc file, I added the environment variable ANDROID_HOME


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Xamarin Visual Studio: Deployment failed due to an error in FastDev assembly synchronization

If you are like me, when building the mobile app with Xamarin Visual Studio plugin, you get below exeception:

Deployment failed due to an error in FastDev assembly synchronization, or FailedToSynchronizeFastDevAssemblies —> Mono.AndroidTools.AdbException: Permission denied

image     image

Try below action to solve this:

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OpenSceneGraph: texture missing – The Solutions

After developing a program using OSG, you might sooner or later package all needed executable (*.exe, *.dll) and copy/deploy them to the target machines.

It is not uncommon that when you open a model, e.g. OBJ, 3DS, FLT files, all works right, except for the textures, missing!


image    image

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Get started with AIML C# programming (III): Be nice and understand that robot can be naïve!

In previous two blogs (Here and Here), I have shown how to experiment AIML programming, and it is not hard to turn the HelloRobot console into a GUI program. Yes, I did, and found that the robot is smart and fun.

Until, the silly me, typed below:

Me: Marry me!
Robot: …………………………………………………………


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Posted by on March 9, 2014 in AI, Programming


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Application 0x00000007 error and troubleshooting

Recently I was asked to build a MFC application, and it worked on my development PC, but after packaging all the dlls, the application does not run, and an error with 0x00000007 pops up.

I then opened the exe file with Dependency Walker:


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Posted by on February 27, 2014 in MFC, Programming


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