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How to use GitStats in Windows: A step-by-step tutorial

GitStats is a handy tool for analysis and statistics for a git repository. It is a statistics generator for git repositories, which produces some interesting statistics from the history of it. Currently HTML is the output format.



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Google Search in C#: A step by step walk-through tutorial

In previous post, the implementation of Google book search in C# is discussed. In this post, the similar approach is used to implement Google Custom Search in C#.


Download the source project at Github here.

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Install Eclipse Git Plugin: A Quick Tutorial

There has been a very good, but lengthy tutorial here, but if you have been comfortable with Git, and just want to commit, pull or push your code to and from GitHub or Bitbucket, the below measures will be a breeze.



  • After it is installed, open you Eclipse project, right click on the Package Explorer, and there are only two menu items if you have not set up the EGit to work with your project.


  • Click the menu item Team > Share Project…  > Git
    Yes, even though you have used Git Bash/cmd to setup your project, you need do so! Just to get EGit notified. Specify the root folder where .git (hidden folder) is located.


  • Once you have done so, you will find when you right click the Package Explorer, Team > Share Project…  > Git again, you will see many menu items now.


That is it. You can then do almost everything that can be done by Git Bash inside Eclipse.

Happy coding!

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