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Using RabbitMQ in C# (III) Consuming messages from RabbitMQ

It can be found that In earlier posts, setup RabbitMQ and sending messages are a piece of cake using RabbitMQ C# client. Let’s take a further step and see how to consume messages from RabbitMQ.

Create a console application, and add below code:

public static void Main()
        var factory = new ConnectionFactory() { HostName = "…" };
        using (var connection = factory.CreateConnection())
            using (var channel = connection.CreateModel())
//Assuming you have a queue named “whatever” created already
var consumer = new EventingBasicConsumer(channel); consumer.Received += (model, ea) => { var body = ea.Body; var message = Encoding.Default.GetString(body); Console.WriteLine(" [x] Received {0}", message); }; channel.BasicConsume("whatever", true, consumer); Console.WriteLine(" Press [enter] to exit."); Console.ReadLine(); } } }

That is it! Simple?

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Using RabbitMQ in C# (II) Sending message to RabbitMQ

Create a Winform application, add below UI to the form:


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Using RabbitMQ in C# (I) Installation of RabbitMQ

image image


  • Select the server software on the desired platform and download the setup package. In this example, I will use windows installer.
  • Run the windows installer, and you will be prompted to install Erlang, follow the links and download install Erlang:


image image

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JIRA & Jira Agile installation: A step-by-step guide with snapshots

JIRA and JIRA Agile are powerful tools for project management. In my recent work, I tried to install JIRA and JIRA Agile on a Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop, and though seemingly this is a straightforward process, however to really get it up and running as you expected, this is far from a trivial work.

The motivation of this post is to offer a step-by-step guide, with as many snapshots as possible, so as to make it easier for others to repeat this installation process.

I assume the Ubuntu Server is installed on another machine, be it a physical or a virtual machine, to get he IP of this Ubuntu server, run the below command in a terminal:



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Install Genymotion In Ubuntu

Genymotion is a great virtual machine, especially for emulating Android VMs.

In my earlier post, I have shown how to emulate Nexus 10 using Genymotion.


Recently, I need to do the same work in Ubunut, and found this post very useful to guide me in installation of Genymotion in Ubuntu. Below is from the post by Gregory Schier:

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Installation of AutoCAD in Windows 8 & 8.1: Failure and solution

If you download and install AutoCAD, e.g. v2012 or v2014 on Windows8, windows 8.1, it is highly possible that you are not so lucky: the installation starts, and then suddenly terminates, showing that AutoCAD is NOT installed!

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Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate ISO download and offline installation: troubleshooting of “incorrect function” problem

Visual Studio 2013 was released, with quite a few exciting features. If you wish to get the offline iso installer, click below links (official iso from Microsoft) to download.

However, even if you downloaded the ISO, and if you mount the image and run it from the virtual CD/DVD, you might get below error: “vs_ultimate.exe Incorrect function.”, as shown below:


A trivial solution to troubleshoot this is:

  • Mount the iso with any virtual cd software
  • Copy the mounted content to a local folder, e.g. C:\temp\vs2013\
  • Run “vs_ultimate.exe” from the local folder

That is it. Good luck!


Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 DVD5 ISO image (SHA-1: 51403CAF8E5E9799ACF1F3A0DA0E46390CD2FB16)

Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 – English DVD5 ISO image (SHA-1: 79DBBA7B6EF12B1A4E715A7F20951EE66FBCDAB4)

Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013 – English DVD5 ISO image (SHA-1: E8CFBDDC940DA1E73498BADF8F556564B583E298)

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 – English DVD5 ISO image (SHA-1: 4C0C7B3372FE44248F1AF995DD0E9B3864657DAD)

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2013 – English Download here.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 – English Download here.


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