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Rhino C# Development (V) : Create and dock Rhino Panels side-by-side

In my previous blog Rhino C# Development (III) : Add Winform UI to Rhino, I demonstrated how to create a dock bar with Winform User controls in Rhino3D.

In this blog I am to demonstrate how to use a similar approach to create Rhino panels, and then dock the panels side-by-side. Rhino panels, are tabbed containers where collection of controls can be hosted, as shown below.


To create such a panel, in Visual Studio, add a user control in the plugin project. If you don’t know how to create such a plugin project, refer to my previous blogs for details.

In this example, a UserControl called GeometryPanel is inserted into the project, and a few simple winform controls are added for illustrative purposes. Add a Guid attribute to the UserControl, as shown below.

public class MyPanelCommand : Command
    public MyPanelCommand()
        Instance = this;

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