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Unity3D: where and how to set Android SDK path

When you run Unity3D android app, the first time you will be prompted to specify the Android SDK path, that is good. But later when you want to change this, where to find such an entry to fill?

Go to Unity menu: Edit arrow, dash, right icon Preference arrow, dash, right icon External Tools Tab arrow, dash, right icon Android SDK Location Combo


Done, yeah!

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Getting maya path programmatically: Python and C# Code

In automating maya to do some custom job, the maya installation folder is usually needed. Though one can hard code this as, for example, path=”C:\\Program Files\\Autodesk\\Maya2014\\”, this is not the best way as users may not install maya to the default directory.

To extract the maya installation folder, one can use registry in windows platform, as shown below:


Given this fact, it is not very hard to get the maya root folder, either in Python or C#:

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Installing OpenSceneGraph (osg) on windows

If you would like to install OpenSceneGraph on windows, and would like to add necessary paths to system variables automatically, you can use a batch file to save your day. The procedures will be quite simple 2-step job:


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