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Get started with AIML C# programming (I): Just say hello to the robot

In this series of articles, I am about to keep a note on my recent trials to program AIML using C#. AIML, or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, is an XML dialect for creating natural language software agents. With AIML, you can design your own soft robot with ease!

  • Create a library project and add a class called CuteRobot. The reason for create a library is to reuse such robot code later. You may however directly put it in the main application as you like.
public class CuteRobot
    const string UserId = "CityU.Scm.David";
    private Bot AimlBot;
    private User myUser;

    public CuteRobot()
        AimlBot = new Bot();
        myUser = new User(UserId, AimlBot);

    // Loads all the AIML files in the \AIML folder         
    public void Initialize()
        AimlBot.isAcceptingUserInput = false;
        AimlBot.isAcceptingUserInput = true;

    // Given an input string, finds a response using AIMLbot lib
    public String getOutput(String input)
        Request r = new Request(input, myUser, AimlBot);
        Result res = AimlBot.Chat(r);
        return (res.Output);

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