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C# Websocket programming: the simplest example

Create a winform Application:


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Java Socket handshaking: the simplest example

In an earlier post, I have discussed how to implement socket communication with python. I recently was asked to implement similar functions, but in Java. Here is how I did that.

  • Create a new Java project, let’s name it JSocketClient;
  • Create another Java project, let’s name it JSocketServer;
  • In both projects, create an App class, and add a static Main function respectively:


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Python Socket example: the simplest example

The python socket component is extremely easy to use, and this simplest example demonstrated its typical use. This is simplest, since both the server and client are the local machine:

On the Server Side:


On the Client Side:





  • First run the, and make sure the server is ready to listen/receive sth
  • Then the client send info to the server;
  • After the server received sth, it terminates

That is it.


Downloads source files: |


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