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OpenSceneGraph: texture missing – The Solutions

After developing a program using OSG, you might sooner or later package all needed executable (*.exe, *.dll) and copy/deploy them to the target machines.

It is not uncommon that when you open a model, e.g. OBJ, 3DS, FLT files, all works right, except for the textures, missing!


image    image

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Unity3D webcam rendering: incorrect rotation and flip using WebCamTexture

When rendering webcam as textures, Unity3D ships with a useful WebCamTexture class, the typical use of this class is as follows:

  • Create a GUITexture object: in unity menu:  GameObject  arrow, dash, right icon  Create Other  arrow, dash, right icon  GUI Texture, let’s name it CamTexture;
  • Create a C# script, let’s also name it CamTexture.cs
  • In the script, create an instance of WebCamTexture:

    WebCamTexture webcamTexture;

  • In the Start() function, add below code:

    webcamTexture = new WebCamTexture();               
    guiTexture.texture = webcamTexture;       

Wrongly oriented CAM View

Actual physical view


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