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Get started with AIML C# programming (IV): Train your own robot

It is very, very easy to train or coach your own robot. The way is to teach your robot in a question-answer fashion.

Q: Where is City University of Hong Kong?
A: It is located in Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR.

By asking your robot to memorize this Q-A pair, your robot gets smarter. And when you ask the question, it will simply output your given answer!

Well this is my interpretation of AIML’s term, in AIML, question or input = Pattern, whereas the answer or output = Template, and the Q-A pair = category


So if you add a test.aiml file and edit above pattern-template category, you have finished training your robot to learn this! That is it! Believe it or not, it simply works!

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Install OSG for Android On Ubuntu 13.04: Step-by-Step tutorials

Installation of essential tools and packages


Installation of open scene graph


Build the 1st Android OSG Example Application


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