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vmware workstation unrecoverable error (vcpu-0)

When you install some virtual OS using vmware workstation or vmware player, if you encounter below error:

unrecoverable error (vcpu-0)

Try below actions:

  • open *.vmx file in the folder where your OS is located
  • append below line to the tail of the vmx file (you can put this line anywhere in the vmx file, and vmx file will be auto-sorted for you)

smc.version = 0


That is it! Happy working!


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Windows Live Essential offline installer

You can directly download the Windows Live Essential Offline Downloader from this official link!
Blog or bookmark this and happy installing!

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Windows 10: Genymotion virtualization engine not found

If you encounter the same situation like me, this post is just for you:

We installed Genymotion in Window 7, 8 or Window 8.1, it worked well. But after upgrading the OS, it stopped working and complained:

“genymotion virtualization engine not found”


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Install Vmware tools disabled

In Vmware, if you find the “VM > Install Vmware Tools … ” menu disabled, you can easily enabled it by:

  • Right click a VM, and click Settings
  • Selecting Floppy in the left column
  • In the right column, Select Use physical drive option
  • Select Auto detect option
  • Restart. That is it!



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Windows cannot read product key from unattend answer file

When trying the latest Windows 10 ISO on Vmware, the below annoying error pops again and again:

Windows cannot read <productkey> from unattend answer file

To solve this, in Vmware settings, right click the VM, and disable/uncheck the floppy disk “Connect at power on” option.


Restart, that is it!

image image

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Visual Studio Code Download links

Today Apr 30, 2015, Microsoft announced Visual Studio Code, a free and stripped down version of Visual Studio which works on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Here are the direct download links:

Download VS Code for OS X
Download VS Code for Linux
Download VS Code for Windows

Happy coding.


‘ipconfig’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

ipconfig is a commonly used command, but if you open a command window in Windows 8 or 8.1, and type :

ipconfig /all

Then most likely you will find below error:

‘ipconfig’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

To troubleshoot this, there is a simple trick:

Run the cmd by “Run as administrator”. That is it!


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