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A good tutorial on programming XMPP

Original article is here.

But before diving into the server setup and programming issues, below two articles might be helpful to give you an idea on what XMPP is:

Instant messaging (IM) is nowadays one of the most used ways of communication and collaboration. In the next few articles I will be discussing how to create an infrastructure for instant messaging (IM) in your network.

Below  articles will show you how to install and configure an IM server, as well as how to use a XMPP library in Java in order to add instant messaging capabilities to your own application using Smack library.

Articles Series:

  1. Openfire server installation
  2. Openfire server configuration 
  3. XMPP IM with Smack for Java applications
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Introduction to Reactive Programming: An excellent tutorial

Original article here. Deserves a read.


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How to use GitStats in Windows: A step-by-step tutorial

GitStats is a handy tool for analysis and statistics for a git repository. It is a statistics generator for git repositories, which produces some interesting statistics from the history of it. Currently HTML is the output format.



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An insightful ebook published by ThoughWorks. Deserves a perusal!

Download PDF here.


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Don’t pick a job, pick a boss.

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Step-by-Step guide for developing Android Plugin for Unity3D (II)

In previous blog, I have covered how to handshake Native Android code with Unity3D. The example shown therein is pretty simple: how to call a java function in C#!

In this blog, I am trying to step one more stride further: to create and use an Android View in Unity3D. The example shown here is an Android ImageView, however, this approach is generally applicable to all kinds of Android Views, ViewGroups and custom views.

imageAn Android ImageView

imageUse Android ImageView in Unity3D

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Android: get active, current or foreground Activity

In our recent Android App development, we developed many static utility functions, which needs a Context as the argument:

public static void func1(Context context, …)
public static void func2(Context context, …)
public static void func3(Context context, …)

public static void funcN(Context context, …)

This is very cumbersome. We would like to refactor these utility functions into functions without the context argument/ A natural idea to pass in the application context at the very beginning, e.g. Application.onCreate() function, but not in all cases, can we use the application context. For instance, when you create a dialog or toast window, we need to use Activity as the context. So here comes the function that works:


Visit this gist to get the source code.

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